Carboncoin is the first digital currency
with a conscience

We are building a payment service that prioritises people and planet above profit.

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How does it work?

Carboncoin works just like Bitcoin, but removes mining for profit.

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To help and participate in the Carboncoin project, simply buy, use and accept Carboncoin for payments. Make Carboncoin your payment system of choice, both online and on mobile. It all starts with downloading your wallet then head over to the forum to find out how to get hold of your first coins.

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Carboncoin has been successfully operating for over 2 years without any security or system breaches. We have built a scalable and secure evolution of Bitcoin.

It's all about trust

Mike Hern one of the founding developers and community members of Bitcoin wrote this enlightening article. Ultimately, the single greatest challenge of any digital currency is governance. The survival of any system depends on it’s responsiveness to change. We need to find a balance between engaging with and listening too all our stakeholders, whilst also not being drawn into the paralysis of requiring consensus.

The fundamental truth about any currency is that if you have trust, the value of the currency goes up and if you lose that trust, the value goes down. By placing an environmental charity at the heart of Carboncoin, we remove the profit motive and replace it with a purpose motive, to restore our natural ecosystems and contribute to our battle against climate change.

At its peak all of the Bitcoins in the world together added up to around $12.5 billion. It did this with just 200,000 active users.

Climate marches are routinely achieving greater turnouts than this in just one day. Carboncoin is built to engage the environmentally conscious community and create as much, if not more, wealth within it, while planting as many trees as we can. This has been created and is managed with genuine integrity and compassion for both people and our planet.

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A green shop for a green currency

A digital currency is meaningless if you can't use it in the real world. That's why we have also built Carbon Shopper which exclusively sells only ethical and green products. We want Carbon Shopper to become the primary online retailer for environmentally conscious customers.

This quality control also means that Carboncoin will not be susceptible to black market trading of illegal goods, which was a significant factor for many businesses choosing not to accept Bitcoin.

Our Environmental Impact

If money was no object, what would be the most pragmatic way to address the problem of greenhouse gases and climate change? Planting biodiverse forest on land which would not otherwise be used for anything else was the answer put forward by the founder of Carboncoin as we know it over a year ago, and this solution has since been independently found to be the best for the planet in the conclusion of a year-long study by Oxford University.

The next question: How do you make money no object?

The answer: it had already been done with the Bitcoin technology so the aim became to do that again and do it from the position of knowing that it could be successful, and use the wealth to do as much good as possible.

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